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Places to stay out of town

Chiang Mai out of town resorts

While there is a vast amount of accommodation in town and relatively easy access to the scenic areas of Chiang Mai, some people like to stay out in the countryside, in the hills and mountains and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing time enjoying nature. For those people, there are still choices from high end four star resorts to more budget accommodation in areas around the province.

Mae Rim and beyond

While Mae Rim may not feel that far out of town, once you get up into the hills, the hustle and bustle of the city subsides and it is near to many scenic attractions. Mae Rim has a few places to offer including the fabulous high end Four Seasons Resort. This beautiful resort is a destination of it’s own, with rice fields and villas for every taste along with shops, a spa and several first class restaurants in a garden setting. Sukantara is another lovely resort situated on the banks of a stream overlooking a cascade. Sukantar has a spa, and offers golfing package tours along with trekking, rafting and visits to tourist attractions. The Spa Resort is also out in Mae Rim and offers accomodation along with holistic spa treatments, yoga and more. Mae Rim has more budget accommodation on offer including Away Suansawan Resort, Mae Rim Lagoon Hotel and the rustic Ban Rai Tin Thai Ngarm Eco Lodge.

Further out, past Mae Taeng is the luxurious Rawee Waree Resort and the more budget Ban Rai Lanna Resort, situated in the hills, the views overlooking the valleys are lovely. Even further is the lovely Chiang Dao area which is famous for the spectacular scenery and rugged limestone peaks. A very popular area for birders, and hikers and the nearby caves are 12 km long.The Chiang Dao area retains the feel of nature. This area generally has more budget accommodation with Chiang Dao Nest and Malee’s Nature Lovers Bungalows as two of the more popular places to stay.


On the way to Samoeng there a string of resorts and budget accommodation. This popular route is called the Samoeng Loop and many people like to take a leisurely drive along the road, to view the spectacular mountain scenery. One popular place to stop is the beautiful Krisada Doi Resort which has beautifully manicured gardens and great views. Other places to stay include Samoeng Resort, and others. Follow this road around to Mae Rim, where many other places to stay can be found.

San Kamphaeng and its surroundings

The San Kamphaeng Lake View Resort over looks a lovely lake and is very close to golfing, the hot springs at San Kamphaeng and shopping at Bor Sang. Another nearby resort is the Puka Boutique Resort with rooms overlooking the pool and garden area. The View Doi Resort is nearby and offers small budget bungalows overlooking the garden. There are several golf resorts out this way including the well known Alpine Golf Resort.

Doi Saket

The road out to Doi Saket passes the Horizon Resort, a unique garden resort with the most fabulous full size bonsai trees set in a lovely garden area. Further on is the Tao Garden Health Resort which offers holistic healing and treatments in a resort atmosphere. The Postcard Resort in Doi Saket offers unique accommodation, a yurt! The open air bathrooms may put some off but the peaceful forest surroundings offer great views.

The more adventurous can travel further into the mountains for home stays and budget rustic bungalows. Often trekking companies are the easiest way to find the more out of the way places but be sure to check around and make sure your trekking company is reputable Eagle Guest House and Eco-trekking is a well known and long established trekking company located in Chiang Mai.

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