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Chiang Mai’s Top 10 To-Do List

Top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai

1.  Catch panoramic views of the city from atop Wat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai’s most famous temple. read more

2.  See a Khantoke Dinner and enjoy the most charming aspects of Lanna culture while enjoying delicious Northern cuisine. read more

3.  Visit an Elephant Camp for a day, or even do a multi-day mahout course and bond with your own personal elephant. read more

4.  Go trekking and visit hill tribes as you tour Chiang Mai’s mountain forests up-close. read more

5.  Catch the interesting SE Asian import shops on Thapae Road and stroll through the colorful Night Bazaar before stopping for dinner in Anursarn Market. read more

Winged Galare adornments top Northern houses of distinction.

6.  Enjoy the city’s unique nightlife with live music at The Riverside, or dance the night away to DJ’s spinning tunes at Zoe in Yellow. read more

7.  Go umbrella shopping in Bor Sang, or look for antique wood carvings in Baan Tawai, the city’s two unique handicraft villages. read more

8.  Treat yourself to a gourmet meal at the Four Seasons or the Dhara Dhevi hotel, and take in the impressive surroundings at either of these scenic hotel properties. read more

9. Catch a live Thai Boxing Match and thrill to Thailand’s national sport. read more

10.  Take a Thai Cooking Class and enjoy a leisurely day making your favorite Thai treats. read more

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